Duca Di Mantua - Rigoletto

The Lyric Opera Northwest production of Rigoletto, had Luciano Marazzo debut in a major city with one of his favorite roles. The Duke of Mantua is the principal tenor role of the opera and is well know for the arias "Questa o Quella" and "La Donna é Mobile".

The direction of Pamela Casella and the conducting of Brian Davenport brought together an amazing show featuring great singers from the Seattle Area. Among them: Tess Altiveros, Glenn Guhr, Dawn Padula and Craig Nim. Luciano performed the Matinee Show on December 13, 2015.

Depraved to the core, the Duke of Mantua is a serial sex addict who's out to seduce anyone in skirts, unfazed to even have his way with the wives and daughters of his noble courtiers. Rigoletto, the repugnant court jester, aids and assists his depravity. His innocent daughter Gilda, whom he hides behind walls and jealously defends in secret, decides his fate.