The idea behind QLC is to maximize your resources. Adopting our lifestyle would result in you saving money, getting in shape, eliminating many car related problems (tickets, parking, etc) and improving your mindset among all the other great benefits of becoming a cyclist. Before we begin however, we should address the excuses such as "I can not cycle to my job". The truth is that excuses like this exist because of insufficient information about the types of cycling. For example, commuting in a large and hot city (such as Tucson) could present a problem: Cycling 20 miles a day could be "hard" and carrying clothes and other materials on a bike is "impossible". Neverhteless those are some ways to solve this issue: -Cycling the entire time is not imperative as the bus systems allow you to carry a bike. -A monthly bus pass costs $30 average (students and "low income" pay even less. -Commute with cycling clothes that are more resistant to sweat and weather conditions -Install a rack with panniers on your bike to carry work clothes, books, paperwork, tools, laptop, etc. -A strategy like this could save you 1 gallon of gas per commuting day and avoid many potential ways to loose money (such as general tickets, accidents, traffic congestion, etc) Instead, you invest your money on a bike that is tailored to your needs. A high end setup with all the accessories could cost $1500.

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