MC and Presenter

A master of ceremonies (MC or Emcee) is the official host of a staged event or similar performance. I usually present performers that are being featured on the stages we open via the Online Music Guild. Being an MC is great because there's no need for a script and the information is mostly vague and humorous. I enjoy doing this because the audience typically craves being prepared to the main act. Its important to generate the correct ambience for the main person on stage to play his game in a familiar and engaged crowd.

However, being the key note speaker for an event is a complete different animal. I typically know fairly fast if a topic is going to be of my interest. if not, I know to let those go but when I get a topic that I like, I enjoy making the most out of it. I have done presentations for Student Societies and a TEDx talk. Nevertheless due to my style and approach, I avoid scripts because I like the ideas to flow. I have a prepared topic but spontaneity and sincerity are crucial to me.

If for any reason you need me to be a presenter or the MC of one of your events, please use the form bellow and choose the item "Live Appearance as Guest". Some one in my team will get back to you to see if travel plans can be arranged and everything fits in the schedule.

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