Companies & Business

The Online Music Guild

Being a musician is tough and this company helps musicians develop a solid foundation to sustain a healthy and profitable career. Learning music is not only about the musical notes and the talent you might posses. The Online Music Guild helps musicians develop their talent, network, and net worth so they can really focus on what they do best. Join the Guild and build your music career foundation! 

Katana Sites

Building Websites is a job that can be done from anywhere in the world. I enjoy building sites that I am passionate about because I can see the potential and offer effective services to the Katana Clients. This project is a brainchild we got with Jessica Willis in Summer 2017 and we already have a number of websites completed for some very happy musicians, artists and businesses.

Ascoltando inc.

Ascoltando inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that focuses on three key elements that have interested a number of my friends and partners: Hearing Loss, Music, and Italian. We make contributions and fundraisers any time we can to support and help those in need.

Quantum Leap Cycling

Cycling is a passion that opened my eyes to health and fitness. After a few tours, summit centuries, and races I came to realize that cycling is a lifestyle I want to share with everyone and this is my style to share it. Visit QLC to learn more about cycling. 

Canopus Travel

A family business is always an asset one wants to nurture. We are modernizing a business founded in 1972 and has seen many competitors fail as they tried to innovate with no caution or failure to understand the industry. We know it as the back of our hand.