432Hz: A Healing Frequency

Science is starting to recognize the effects sound has on the mind and the body. A=432hz tuning has presented enough evidence to be far more beneficial compared to the standard 440hz pushed by the establishment. This article presents all the reasons that have convinced me to exclusively tune and perform using 432hz. From the reducing of s...

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Why are MP3 the biggest music industry scam ever

Imagine you could fool the entire world into thinking that PRODUCT X is the real deal and have them pay FULL PRICE for something that has been watered down 10 times. Would you do it? Would you sell a bottle that says "100% pure organic orange juice" knowing that the product is actually only 10% orange juice and 90% water? Wouldn't you be angry if y...

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Argentina is hanging by a thread

How can one explain the complex and burdensome situation that Argentina is going through? History has shown that Juan Domingo Perón was a nazi sympathiser but in the 70's his party was taken over by a group of communists that had a plan to destroy the country. Back in 1945, Argentina was in the top 10 economies in the word. Perón drained the countr...

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Never heard of Sherwood? Mason will make you never forget!

Sherwood is a small city south west of Portland that is finally showing up on the map. For the past 20 years, this area has grown mainly because of the wine industry and now, it has grown to have 20.000 people. The community of this small town is very appealing and the overall vibe is very mellow and inviting. However, there's a gem in the cit...

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Springboard Winery

This past Sunday, April 23rd I had the pleasure to perform over at Springboard in Ellensburg, WA. This cozy, intimate tasting room in the heart of the city is the perfect place to taste wine with the assistance of people like Nate who can tell you everything about the elixirs in the shop. My attention was drawn to the Redwood, a red blend based pri...

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Luciano Marazzo - En Sourdine (Faure)

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Video posted on Friday, 12 August 2016 23:12

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