Giordano Bruno: Music, Soul, and Spheres

Giordano Bruno, the captivating figure of the Renaissance era, was far more than a philosopher and theologian; he embodied a mystique that defies easy categorization. His legacy is a tapestry of enigma and brilliance, leaving an indelible mark on the intellectual landscape of his time and beyond. While his name is often whispered in association wit...

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Was this ever about the VIRUS?

I was pondering for 10 months on how to write something about this fascinating topic. I must admit that there was something stopping me because a very loud group of people will loose their minds if anyone dares to contradict or question any "news" about it. Let's just kick the ball a little bit to see where we end p with this article... after all, ...

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The best way to FengShui your music

The art of Feng Shui is a way to physically organize your home for the sake of generating good fortune at every level. Even though many believe that Feng Shui is only for monetary gains, the truth is that it has a positive impact in our four realms: body, emotions, mindset, and spirit. Thus, we can start to asume that Feng Shui can be used for ever...

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Can acupuncture really improve your performance levels?

Maybe you have no intention of stabbing yourself with acupuncture needles... let alone pay someone else to do it for you! Yet... maybe you need to try it. Acupuncture is a technique that observes the body as a whole. There are several meridians/channels that run through the body. Each meridian has a certain number of points. Every point has a ...

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How to maximize your productivity without multitasking

Technology is a blessing and a curse. We are constantly surrounded by an infinite number of manmade things that invade our space and our time. To be sincere, we have all bought into the magic word of connectivity. It is common knowledge that the internet is a double edge sword just like any kind of communication technology. Because of our desire to...

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How can your coffee make you absolutely bulletproof?

Coffee is the elixir that keeps the world turning every day. Historically, this amazing beverage has been around for about one thousand years but the 20th century is responsible for bringing the product to our daily life. The short story is that in between 1907 and 1936, coffee production from Adis Abeba skyrocketed from 500,000lbs to 18,...

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The Magic of Writing a Book!

A general guideline I was taught since a very early age goes about those lines: it is important to remember to put 100% of your efforts, never giving up but most importantly have the wisdom to know when to be patient and when to press hard. Anyone can write a book just the same way anyone can learn how to make music or drive a car. The important pa...

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