Never heard of Sherwood? Mason will make you never forget!


Sherwood is a small city south west of Portland that is finally showing up on the map. For the past 20 years, this area has grown mainly because of the wine industry and now, it has grown to have 20.000 people. The community of this small town is very appealing and the overall vibe is very mellow and inviting. However, there's a gem in the city that can make your day worth of traveling. Mason is a restaurant in downtown Sherwood that has become a home away from home for me and honestly, I think that you will feel the same if you ever get to experience their dishes.

When you have traveled the world, cuisine is the key that can make you understand a culture. The truth is that maybe you will have some barriers understanding the language, the music, the art, the habits because they will never be internalized. However, with food, it's a whole different game. Food is internalized both literally and metaphorically and this is why I am writing this article. Even though I am an artistically inclined person and culture diversity excites me, I also understand that not everyone is this way. Food is a gateway to achieve cultural enlightenment because you do not need to build up a refined palate. Your taste buds do not need any decoding to understand any complex thing happening because tastes are simple and universal.

As I was touring in June 2017, I was lucky enough to come to downtown Sherwood looking for a last minute gig. Dax and Lawson opened up their doors for me to play and they even had last minute reservations happening. Honestly, this is precisely how I like my gigs to be like because it was a Win-Win-Win scenario: Mason filled up, I got a refined crowd to play for, and the guests were enjoying the finest food along with great wines and live music. Before we go any forwarsd, I will never forget the dinner I was served after I played: halibut with vegetables and wild rice. World Class dishes every time.

What happened next?


From there on, I started to realize that Mason is the heart of Sherwood. By this, I mean that Dax and Lawson have built a location that attracts cultured, refined, and dashing personalities. In other words: amazing people eating amazing food. In my world, that is a recipe for spectacular ideas. As far as I know, every person that I met at Mason has a project,a  business, a charity, or a talent that is impacting the world in a very positve way. Most of them are very open for conversation and the best part is that they do have great taste not only for food but also for art and culture. 

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