Roger Hamilton - Wealth Dynamics

Roger Hamilton - Wealth Dynamics

Back in 2014, I was given the opportunity to meet Roger Hamilton at conference in Los Angeles. At the time most of my reading was focused on personal development. Wealth Dynamics is a program that looks into a personality and seeks to find the natural path. At the time, I was trying to figure out my personal challenges at very personal levels.

I must confess that whenever problems and life-storms come my way, I find myself excited about the possibility to grow and learn. So even though I was at a very rough spot in my life, I was focusing on learning and making the most out of every moment. So as I was given the opportunity to fly into LA for this conference, I had no hesitation. I get to LA the day before and as I am at the Sheraton's lobby, I meet the people organizing the spaces for the event. Since I had time to spare before dinner, collaborating was a no brainier. This is how my badge was upgraded from Silver to Gold. It really meant nothing other than having lunch with a more select group of people. There were about 400 people in the conference and 40 were gold. Pretty cool to feel you can fit into the inner circle. 

According to Roger Hamilton, I am a Star with Creator tendencies. To learn more about this you can see this article HERE. However, the experience was not focused on me. It was on the 400 people that made up the event. Everyone had amazing questions and the notes we got to draw were full of golden nuggets. 

The conference was only 48Hs long. However on the morning of the third day, I got to book two very important appointments. Of course I got a chance to spend a full hr with Roger Hamilton. He was reading straight through me and his insights were very focused and vital.

Nevertheless, right before that amazing meeting I got to spend 45 minutes with John Abbott. John not only had amazing insights, He also became a sort of model since he is also a star with creative tendencies. Bottom line is that the brain child of this meeting was the concept of The Online Music Guild

I invite you to send me any questions you might have about this incredible group of individuals.

Cheers and remember to make Magic!


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