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This man is from another planet


Musicians tend to have a personality that is a bit eccentric. Personally, I find it to be a double edge sword because it can harm as much as it can make a contribution. The big names in pop music tend to have that issue... like Freddie Mercury’s drag queen approach to sexuality or Michael Jackson and his obsession with his white skin and plastic surgeries. However, the general public did not really try to gossip negatively about Mr. Bowie.

David Bowie is my pick for my first 2018 blog post because of a few reasons. First of all, David Bowie was one of the only artists I could hear singing with Queen. Second. It's January and he was born on January 8th and died 69 years later on January 10th. Finally, he is a phenomenal example of the multi-faceted personalities we all have. So I take his lifestyle as a reminder that we all can make an impact in several fields while keeping a great balance between work and pleasure.

Happy Bday David!

David Bowie sings with Freddie:

How can your coffee make you absolutely bulletproo...
Left-handed, Upside Down & Top of the world