Was this ever about the VIRUS?


I was pondering for 10 months on how to write something about this fascinating topic. I must admit that there was something stopping me because a very loud group of people will loose their minds if anyone dares to contradict or question any "news" about it. Let's just kick the ball a little bit to see where we end p with this article... after all, I am free to write what I want on my own website. :)

Before we begin, I take health issues as serious as possible and I ALWAYS seek to help people if I can. I am not a doctor but after consulting with many doctors I trust with my life, I can tell you that from my point of view, the masks are a form of malpractice. I do wear them (as little as possible) only because a loud group of people goes crazy if you do not. So I wear masks when around other people only not to be bothered. I respect science and I believe the best defense agains any virus is a strong immune system. The best prevention against any disease is to eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water (alkaline if possible), and sleep a reasonable amount of hours.

 But what are the side effects of wearing a mask?

The image from the right gives you some perspective of the size of particles so you can start understanding the science of masks... I mean... how many people are wearing cloth masks? Have you ever seen blood go through cloth? Can blood go through cloth? 

If blood can cross a cloth mask... why would respiratory droplets and smaller particles decide to not cross the cloth mask? Why are cloth masks "scientifically" and "officially" accepted when true science does not match?

CREDITS FOR THE IMAGE: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/visualizing-relative-size-of-particles/

There is a domino effect when someone wears a mask. I don't think anyone can place any arguments about this simple common sense information. Imagine yourself BEFORE COVID WAS "RELEASED/SPREAD" and continue reading with an open mind... you honestly believe that you will stat questioning more and more why "officials", "politicians", and "main stream media" are pushing the masks narrative so hard with little science backing their claims. 

 Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen

Wearing a mask would clearly elevate CO2 concentration between the face and the mask. Fresh air with O2 will a harder time to flow back between the mask and the face because of simple gas pressure dynamics. The person wearing a mask gets a slightly lower concentration of O2 in their system and a slightly higher concentration of CO2. Lower oxygenation leads to all sorts of problems that you can look up. But higher CO2 contributes to many health conditions. The fact is that O2 and CO2 are processed through the lungs. This is why I would say that masks are malpractice. The original COVID claim is that COVID affects the lungs. Science would say that wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time could affect the lungs. Which is worse... the "disease" or the "mask"?

 Temperature and Humidity

Wearing a mask will cause the temperature around your face to increase. They told us for some time that "higher" temperatures (85F+ if I remember correctly) would kill the virus. But what happens with bacteria at a higher temperature and some extra moisture? Think of making yogurt. To make yogurt, you need bacteria (a scoop of yogurt will do), milk, sugar, and a specific temperature. When you wear a mask, you are creating a culture of bacteria that feed from CO2, the moisture you exhale, the sweat from your skin under the mask, plus the warm temperature of your body. In other words, you worsen the air conditions available to you. Is like drinking water from your tub after you took a bath. This is basically what they are telling you to do! What could go wrong?

Environmental Impact 

The disposable mask is a terrible environmental hazard. Yet during this 2020, the amount of masks thrown away to the oceans and trash fields is astronomical. But this is not the only issue... businesses (at least the ones that were allowed to stay open), are producing up to 3 times the amount of waste with the new cleaning protocols. Furthermore, the amount of water being used also went up as hand washing and toilet flushing increased. Yes. All those are facts. Even though I do not advocate for the official global warming narrative, I will tell you that this is something that troubles me as I see a huge waste of natural resources and energy allocated into something that can harm the lives of many species, the oceans, the lands, and above all, humans around the world. 

 Essentials vs Non-Essentials

But isn't it funny that because of COVID, politicians decided to handpick essentials? Are politicians essentials? Do politicians put food on people's tables?Has any politician stopped "working" during this "pandemic"? Has ANY politician stopped taking their OUTRAGEOUS salary? NO! On the contrary, during this "pandemic" (or should I say PLAN-Demic), we have seen politicians releasing books, traveling around the world, getting haircuts without a mask, having large gatherings with their families. Those are the same politicians that banned each one of those activities and many more. 

The infamous corona virus was used as an excuse to dismantle human interaction. This was never about the virus. This was always about CONTROL. COVID was the "perfect alibi" to see if people would listen to their MANDATES. With those mandates, they declared that some people was essential and some were not. This is sickening and wrong. I believe this was a psychological attack on people to morally destroy them. This is why suicide has gone up. Imagine working hard for years of your life to become who you are today and one day, a politician comes by and takes it all away and demonizes everything you have accomplished. 

The music industry for example has suffered tremendously as LIVE performances have been banned. The truth is that MUSICIANS are essentials to themselves just like any other professional is to him-(her)-self. But... you know... it's for the greater good! You must protect people from the pandemic. The same scare tactics used for many tactics to get society to relinquish freedom to get a politician to save them from a "deadly" threat. In my point of view... the same BS brought to a global scale... It's time for people to wake up.

1) Get rid of the masks
2) Communicate with people
3) Use common sense and be courageous

Have a wonderful 2021!

Stay Informed

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