You can be talented but... no mask... no gig!


It has become clear that today, music and musicians are under assault. Music is not about talent and devotion to the art anymore. We are being forced to mask up and shut up about it because if we don't mask up, we are not allowed to play. It does not matter that we need air and oxygen to perform. It does not matter that our music is entertaining and people gives great reviews and comments. It only takes one person to figure out that the musician is not wearing a mask and your gig is done because one person is afraid you will kill them with your lack of compliance.

What are business owners thinking then?

People really do not want to wear the masks anymore. Actually, if businesses stopped requiring masks and eliminated the 6 feet distancing, they would start working at 110% capacity compared to the current 50% capacity. This would mean only more money for them. This would mean employees would be put at a better use.

This matters for musicians because we are not being hired anymore to play the gigs we used to play. Restaurants, Weddings, etc... And the reason is because musicians played a part on this scam-demic. Many musicians carried out the campaign to get people masked up. We kept thinking that the masks would flatten the curve and then everything would go back to normal. I personally did not fight the mandates enough at the time... 

Today we find ourselves on this dilemma where it has become hard for many musicians to draw a line and say that the mask mandates have destroyed the music industry. Most musicians are still afraid to a point that we know is ridiculous, unreasonable, and unhealthy. It is time to stop this none sense and get our gigs back one at a time. Our industry will not return back to normal unless we make it happen ourselves.

Keep on playing! Ditch the mask

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