Guitar Lessons

The Classical Guitar is a rewarding instrument. The benefits of being a classical guitar player is that you can always travel with your instrument, you have melodic and harmonic capabilities and it can provide great background music at wineries and restaurants as well as for solo recitals. Finding a coach that can walk the talk is hard because of location issues. This I solved easily with online coaching that can be done in group or as individual lessons.

My style of coaching guitar (and music in general) has in consideration all the aspects of the music. However, I'd like to underline that my three Critical Focus Areas are: Posture, Color and Accuracy. If something is not comfortable, or the density of the sound is not the desired one, or something sounds not precise, something must be changed for it to fit. After that, the music can start flowing. Those questions are simple and the answers are also typically simple. The instructions I provide is tailored to help the student practice which means: the student after a lesson knows what to do and how to do it.

Lesson Samples - The Fundamentals