Moderne Romantic - Duane Waterman

This design incorporates 19th century LeCote style construction features into the larger modern body and scale. Bracing of top and back reflects the lateral bracing systems of those earlier instruments making strong highs and mids with evenness of tone across the range - like a LeCote's bigger brother. Although this instrument seems to use original wooden pegs for tuning they are actually PegHed tuning machines with 16:1 internal gearing - same as modern machines. The figured Koa body wood imparts a tone color similar to the Maple of original instruments.

My favorite feature of this guitar is the timbre quality and the consistency of color from the wound strings to the trebles. This even sound across the fret-board allows me to play same notes in similar positions and get the same tones. This way I can focus on how to express what I desire rather than spending time on thinking how I can make the sounds blend. This is by far one of the best guitars I've played. Of course I use La Bella Strings that maximize the tone quality and volume. All the work on this guitar is always done by the maestro himself: Duane Waterman.