La Marilyn - by Ricardo Macedo

This guitar was purchased in 2008 from "Guitarra a la Carta" (the best guitar shop in Argentina). Even though I had several choices, this guitar stood out way above any of the others. In the shop, Alejandro Caputo served "Yerba Mate", Coffe and Pastries for the 3-4 hs I spent testing the numerous choices. The choice to him was unequivocal because of the timbre, the volume and most importantly the way it fit. This guitar was the easiest one to play, it had a phenomenal projection, and the construction and design were as attractive as they could be.

Laura Reynoso and Ricardo Macedo are two luthiers from Tucuman who live in Buenos Aires and create stringed instruments. Even if Ricardo had built dozens of stringed instruments before, this was the first guitar he had ever made. They graduated together in the mid-90s of the National University of Tucuman and professional technicians Luthería and since then, living in the manufacture and repair of instruments; also they give workshops in Capital Federal, and have more and more students are seeking to take classes, and the workshop try to provide some of what they were in college.