Modelo 66 - Julio Rodriguez Pereyra (1976)

This guitar was hand made in Uruguay in 1976 and it had to be restored in 2007. Purchased this guitar as it was from Leonardo Lizano with the objective of restoring it. I did the work myself because I was looking for a project to learn about guitar construction and restoration. It has a traditional Spruce top with a Cypress wood body. The neck is Mahogany, the bridge is Brazilian Rosewood and the cap is carved Brazilian Rosewood. I changed the original tuners for a set of Schallers because the original machines were malfunctioning. The Nut and Saddle are Bone.

The work done on this guitar was well. Even though in 2016 was suffering from two minor cracks on the top, a bent neck, a collapsed fret-board by the sound hole and the paint was crackled, The purchase was worth it. First, I had to learn how to restore the straight neck and re-fret the entire thing. Leonardo Lizano guided me with this project. The collapsed bridge was an easy fix because it only required a column to rise it again. The cracks on the other side required some work and, since they were on the sound-board, I had to be careful not to modify the features and sweet timbre of the instrument. Finally, I removed all the original paint and the results of applying several coats of french polish gave the guitar a special shine.