Art Song Recitals

A recital is a type of concert but it is performed by a soloist or small group following a refined program. Franz Liszt is responsible for spreading the concept as a way to deliver piano music and later on it became the standard procedure to deliver music until the mid 20th century when recordings became the norm. However, the recital practice was maintained by the academic institutions of the Universities and the Conservatories.

Recitals are becoming more widespread again due to the number of musicians diving into the world of music with a new perspective. They are becoming much more interesting and they draw more people. Choosing the music does require research and knowledge. On the other side, the musician has to face the business aspect and the marketing for the show. All those elements are essential for the success of a recital.

As a Tenor and as a Classical Guitar Player, I do arrange my own recitals and it's a rewarding experience. My two signature recitals are "Prosa" and "Serenade". The nature of both is very different and the audience walks out with very different sensations. I certainly enjoy the work before a show, but delivering the music and the texts to an audience is by far my favorite.