A Masters Recital

This recital was a favorite of mine. The flow of the pieces, my pianist (Kyungsun Choi) the audience of almost 75 people, the energy in the room... I should say that this is the recital that taught me how to choose pieces in a way that fits a highly artistic way (thanks to the coaching with Dr. Paula Fan) and organized in a way that allowed the audience to feel the music. The barriers and challenges of the "academic world" were down for this recital and that is what made magic.

The show was organized in three sets: Italian and German, French and Russian, Spanish and English. For each language I carefully selected three songs from works that kept an integrity. for example, 3 selections from Liederkreis Op. 39, or the three "Songs of Sea and Life". I still find clever how I chose the poem Claire de Lune (Verlaine) set to music by three different composers making three different songs with the same text. Furthermore, the entire program was not only chronologic but it also had embedded a history of the development of songs: The Italian and German Tradition, the Experimental French and Russians and finally the approach to song in the Americas.