A Junior Recital

Way back in late 2007, I had my first academic recital. The show was split 50-50 with Soprano Calixta Danner for the sake of logistics at the university. This allowed me to sing the role of Alfredo for the first time. I never understood exactly why Arias and Opera Duets are rare in academic recitals. Nevertheless, this recital became an exception because Calixta was working on her masters and needed more challenging works on her repertoire.

Unfortunately the program notes are lost somewhere in time. What I can recall of the solos is that I sung "De Miei Bollenti Spiriti" from traviata, and two Roger Quilter art songs. Calixta had an amazing performance of "De los Alamos Vengo Madre" by Joaquin Rodrigo. The rest of the recital is a complete blur as of today. Hopefully some time I will come across the program notes and update this article for the record.

It was an honor and a great learning experience to sing with such a talented soprano.