A Senior Recital

This recital was a great success. I remember it being 2 hs long and it was all on my shoulders. There was 45 minutes of Guitar and 45 minutes of Voice with a 15 minute intermission (it felt like playing a professional soccer match). This was due to a CSU Chico policy that did not allow me to have two recitals for my double major. Therefore, since either Keith Seppanen (Head of the music Department); Tobin Roye (my Guitar Teacher) nor Ying Yeh (my Voice Teacher) wanted to make compromises, I was put to the ultimate test of a double full joint recital with myself.

I must say I was pleased for the guidance given and the help of all the coaches and colleagues that year. 2009 was a full plate for me: Presidency of the CIAO Club, Graduation, Big Papers, Recitals, Operas... It was a strong ending for my first degree... and this recital felt just as nice as a picardy third feels for a 4 voice Bach fugue in F# minor for the guitar. (Yes, that is a joke)