This recital was the one that spiked my career outside of the academic setting. The truth is that the idea came about from building the Online Music Guild. At this point I was testing the how things would work out if I ever wanted to have a touring career. "Prosa" became the test where I had to come up with a product for the real world.

Currently, this recital is still my favorite because of the selections of songs. It starts very easy with some Italian songs that are fun to listen to. The Beethoven song cycle brings the ambience to a more relaxed and contemplative mode. In the end, the Rachmaninoff songs elevate the energy. Yet, the end is soft and loving with one of my favorite songs: "I Remember that day"

"Prosa" is indeed my favorite recital because of the flow, the musical challenges and the high rewards that come after every song, and after every section. Also the languages are the most beautiful to sing on.