Grabriel Faure - Cinq mélodies "de Venise"

"Cinq mélodies "de Venise", Op. 58, is a song cycle by Gabriel Fauré, of five mélodies for voice and piano. Composed in 1891, the cycle is based on five poems by Paul Verlaine, from the collections Fêtes galantes and Romances sans paroles. According to Fauré himself, the song cycle contains a number of musical themes which recur from song to song. He used a similar technique for his later song cycle La bonne chanson, which was also based on Verlaine's poetry.

Luciano has been interpreting this Song Cycle since the release of his second Signature Recital "Serenade" performed live for the first time in Moscow, Idaho at the Nuart Theater. Here below one can appreciate the most tender of the songs of the cycle. Out of the Faure compositions and groups of songs, Cinq mélodies "de Venise is the most integral work. The melodic and harmonic connection from song to song and the selection of poems is what gives this song cycle a sense of continuity.

From Serenade - November 2015