It is well known that being an Opera Singer (especially a Tenor) requires careful selection of your roles. The truth is that when you sing opera at a professional level, the phrase:

"Your body is a temple"

should be changed to...

"Your body is an instrument and now you are a vocal athlete"

Principal roles are well paid and with good reason. You must be on the top of the game all the time. For this to happen, choosing the correct roles is not enough: maintaining good shape with healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle is imperative.

For this reason, I focus mainly on a handful of roles er year and I always drag a couple to the following year. This makes my job a lot easier because the character and the music keep evolving in the back-burner as I sing new roles. Alfredo Kraus used to say that one had to be rested and selective of the roles one sang. This gave him a long lasting career with a very consistent voice throughout the years. Alfredo Kraus is indeed my favorite tenor because of his musicality, expressiveness, control of the voice and that amazing top range.