El Duo de "La Africana"

The Fourth International Symposium on Latin American Music presents a zarzuela performance at the Stevie Eller Dance Theatre on Saturday, January 25 at 7:30 p.m. Directed by Dr. Janet Sturman, UA professor of ethnomusicology and Barbara McKean, from UA School of Film and Theater, "El Duo de la Africana en Tucson" is an adaptation of the celebrated comic zarzuela by M. F. Caballero with additional music by Lecuona, Morales, Roig, Elorduy and Morel de Campos.

The comic plot takes the audience backstage at a lyric theater company and reveals a comic tangle of conflicting aspirations. The company's producer, intent on staging Italian opera on the cheap, while each of the singer's seeks personal satisfaction and chances to sing music representing their own ancestry and identities. The performance will be presented fully staged, with songs in Spanish and dialogue in English. The orchestra and singers will perform under the baton of graduate conducting student Ace Edewards.

The Fourth International Symposium on Latin American Music: "Complexities of Cultural Representation in the Performance of Latin American Music" is sponsored by the University of Arizona School of Music, School of Dance, Confluence Center for Creative Inquiry, Center for Latin American Studies, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and Department of History.

In the Video

Luciano Marazzo is a young tenor in the opera company. He wants to sing for Cherubini to replace Giuseppini (Edgar Ricaud) who is flirting with Cherubini's wife, La Antonelli (Ivette Ortiz).

In this Scene, I am playing the role of a young tenor of the choir who is auditioning to replace Giuseppini for the Duo and also to flirt with La Antonelli (Cherubini's Wife). For the Audition, I sing a duet from the Zarzuela "Zulema". I am joined by Makenzie Romniel.

The Cast


Tenor Edgar Ricaud


Baritone Jaime Bofill


Soprano Ivette Ortiz


Actor Alex Lane



Caroline Crawford


Actor Gabriel Zuñiga

Doña Serafina,

Actress Mackenzie Romniel