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Toyupan is a Zarzuela by composer Julio Matta (Costa Rica) staged at the University of Arizona on Jan. 21-22, 2011 in Stevie Eller Dance Theater as part of our Third International Symposium on Latin American Music.

The drama unfolds in Cartago of Costa Rica circa 1775. Dolores, the daughter of the Governor, is soon to be married do Don Fernando. Nevertheless, Dolores is is love with Toyupan, a native of the new land. This lovely Zarzuela has 11 beautiful musical numbers, with important parts for the chorus.

Dance Coaching - Mazurka

Gayl Zhao and Sibila Quiroz coaching the Toyupan Crew the Mazurka dance. This choreography was made to fit the music and it incorporates the elements of the Central-American dances. In the video, Edgar Ricaud takes the floor following Gayl.

Audio Exerpt - Finale

Don Fernando is in search to rescue Dolores from the hands of Toyupan. Unfortunately, a snake bites Toyupan as he is fleeing with Dolores. This excerpt is taken from a rehearsal at the University of Arizona. In the audio one can hear the voices of Sally Olson as Dolores, Edgar Ricaud as Toyupan, and Luciano Marazzo as Don Fernando.