My Repertoire

Ever since I began my Classical Guitar studies in 2005, my repertoire is extensive and diverse. Of course during my early studies, I have learned numerous pieces of the favorite Classical Guitar Repertoire. From those first 3-4 years of my studies, I focused on pieces like Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Capriccio Arabo, Giuliani's Sonata Brillante and a few Villa-Lobos Preludes.

After finishing my bachelors, I began to focus mostly on pieces that have a longer movement span and cultural relevance. Pieces like Lagrima (Tarrega) or Julia Florida (Barrios) are pieces that stand alone in the repertoire. Since 2010 I laser focused on complete opuses that fit in a larger work. For example Sonatina (Moreno-Torroba), 5 Piezas Argentinas (Piazzolla) and Sueño con Caballos (Merlin).

Most of my repertoire is for solo Classical Guitar (About 120 minutes). Nevertheless, I always enjoy accompanying singes, instrumentalists or performing in guitar duos trios and quartets. Among my favorite ensemble works you can find: 8 Estampas for Guitar Quartet (by Enrique Granados), Histoire du Tango for Flute (or Violin) and Guitar (by Astor Piazzolla) and Polonise Concertante for Guitar Duo (by Mauro Giuliani).

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