Ascoltando Inc

Ascoltando is a Non-Profit Organization incorporated in the state of Idaho on June 2015 and approved for tax exempt status on September of the same year. The Idea came to the Online Music Guild team in April 2015 after a fundraising campaign went wrong. A small group of the fundraising team pushed forward for the formation of this non-profit that utilizes the arts to help children with disabilities. Ascoltando currently operates mainly in the states of Idaho and Arizona but its looking at Oregon, California and Washington for the year 2017.

We're a 501(c)(3) organization and our charitable work has a positive impact in three fields that are close to all of us:
- Hearing-Loss
- Italian Culture
- The Arts
Our events raise money for qualifying beneficiaries and the way we set up our organization requires the all the funds donated should go to the beneficiary. Our operation depends only on donations made through ourĀ Donation Page.

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