Mistakes vs Mistakes

Mistakes vs Mistakes
Making a mistake on stage is normal. However, attitude is crucial for the audience (and the critics) to have mercy. It all boils down to your first reaction and your relationship with the music and your fellow musicians on stage.

"To play a wrong note is insignificant... to play without Passion is INEXCUSABLE" - Beethoven

The truth is that EVERY MUSICIAN knows that mistakes will happen. The unreasonable is not being ready for them. It is very hard to know what is the correct reaction and one cannot predict or force things that have to do with your subconscious mind.Therefore, a mistake is going to ultimately show your real character to the audience. There is nothing to be afraid of really as long as you maintain yourself humble. The issue is not that a mistake can jeopardize your reputation... on the contrary... your character and pride will be the one kicking hard. Think of it this way now... Down here we have two examples...

First, Johnas Kaufmann made a HUGE mistake singing an encore... the concert was over, he was relaxed and in his reaction one can see the "Holly Crap... I messed up". Immediately Jonas takes the lead and shows the orchestra how to get back on track and finish the piece. Simple! He makes a mistake, takes responsibility and makes the best to help the group to line back up. 

On the other side we have Roberto Alagna who didn't really made a mistake with the notes... He probably was only singing at his 80% capacity, trying to save his voice for the 3 hr show. When singing a famous aria, this is a mistake... Remember what Beethoven said... Wrong notes are insignificant.. playing without passion is INEXCUSABLE! Alagna did the inexcusable thing with one of the most loved Tenor Arias in the vocal repertoire. His first reaction is to leave the stage, and his soprano colleague is left to sing alone. On the other side, his Role Cover was not ready to go on stage and he had to deal with Alagna's mistake. Alagna should have thought... I could have done better... the show must go on. That would have saved him

Therefore, be kind and think about how you can be of help on stage. Try to take responsibilities in ways that are humble and simple. Sometimes this is far more charming that making flawless music because it shows the human condition... This is why people loves live music: It teaches us about ourselves.
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