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I became an expert... so I had to publish immediately


Writing a book seemed to be a hard core task. Honestly... it is... unless the book writes itself. If you remember my story, you probably remember that I started writing "Music at First Sight" back in November 2015. The problem is that I had setup myself on a project that was far larger than I was. Music at First Sight in other words was a project that made me grow both as a musician and as an Author. The big problem however was that I had to Write and Re-Write the book about 4 times because I really didn't have my clear goal established nor I had the absolute certainty on how to work things out. At any rate. MAFS is still a work in progress and we're trying to push publishing it on Nov 2018. This is honestly a great achievement. 

However... in the meantime I became an expert on other topics far more simple and fun than sight-reading music. After a ton of gigs along I-5, and a lot of networking on Instagram... I ended up developing amazing skills that gave me no option but to write books about those topics. The best part is that both of them wrote themselves in under a month thanks to the pressure of my friend and accomplice Jesse Stoddard who has been helping me re-brand the Online Music Guild and turn it into a money making machine. 

The Gig Magnet 

This book holds some secrets I use to capture more gigs and drive my value upwards. Not easy... but it certainly pays off! :)

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Instagram for Musicians 

​This book holds the strategies I used to manage 10 Instagram accounts and grow their followers organically.

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