Seek and Destroy: Metallica against the independent musician

As we are currently looking at the AI precipice, it might be wise to reflect on a topic that also changed the course of the music industry. Even though it might be unpopular to say it out loud, my gut tells me that Metallica betrayed the independent musician when filing this case.  How could this be? Let's start f...

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You can be talented but... no mask... no gig!

It has become clear that today, music and musicians are under assault. Music is not about talent and devotion to the art anymore. We are being forced to mask up and shut up about it because if we don't mask up, we are not allowed to play. It does not matter that we need air and oxygen to perform. It does not matter that our music is entertaining an...

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Was this ever about the VIRUS?

I was pondering for 10 months on how to write something about this fascinating topic. I must admit that there was something stopping me because a very loud group of people will loose their minds if anyone dares to contradict or question any "news" about it. Let's just kick the ball a little bit to see where we end p with this article... after all, ...

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Wishing you now sing with Freddie till the end of times

Yesterday, some sad news came our way in the world of music, opera, and queen fanatics. The great amazing soprano Monsterrat Caballé died at age 85 after having built a strong stable legacy. I personally mourn her death as her career, music, technique, and style was an inspiration for me at many levels. Particularly, her work wi...

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I became an expert... so I had to publish immediately

Writing a book seemed to be a hard core task. Honestly... it is... unless the book writes itself. If you remember my story, you probably remember that I started writing "Music at First Sight" back in November 2015. The problem is that I had setup myself on a project that was far larger than I was. Music at First Sight in other words was a project t...

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As you were, as I want you to be...

If you did not live the 90's and need to know an important fact about them, simply remember Kurt Cobain is the man who saved the world. His fake suicide on April 5th 1994 was a tragedy but probably also a necessity in the life of a martyr. Kurt spoke many fundamental truths through his music, his interviews, and his way of life.  But you ...

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When Dee Snider spanked Tipper Gore right in Al's face

Judging a book by its cover is wrong. I am writing this article because I find this to be a very good metaphor to help understand what is wrong with the world. We are told constantly what to do and what to think instead of listening and making up our mind. Dee Snider made a stance in 1985, the year I was born.  Music and lyrics are a mirr...

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How can your coffee make you absolutely bulletproof?

Coffee is the elixir that keeps the world turning every day. Historically, this amazing beverage has been around for about one thousand years but the 20th century is responsible for bringing the product to our daily life. The short story is that in between 1907 and 1936, coffee production from Adis Abeba skyrocketed from 500,000lbs to 18,...

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This man is from another planet

Musicians tend to have a personality that is a bit eccentric. Personally, I find it to be a double edge sword because it can harm as much as it can make a contribution. The big names in pop music tend to have that issue... like Freddie Mercury’s drag queen approach to sexuality or Michael Jackson and his obsession with his white skin and ...

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Left-handed, Upside Down & Top of the world

​Do I really need to introduce Jimi Hendrix to any of you? What is the right way to show respect without getting anyone upset for not saying all the things that need to be said or saying too many things? It would be impossible to satisfy everyone with a brief memorial blog post about one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. T...

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Playing everywhere! But the most rewarding gigs are Wineries!

As a touring musician, my favorite route is the I-5 Corridor that stretches from Bellingham, WA to San Diego, CA. Even though I have not done a complete run through the entire corridor in one sitting, I have been in all the places and cities that interest me the most. In my tours, I have played in weddings, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, auditor...

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Memorial Day Donizetti

​Gaetano Donizetti was an Italian composer who had a strong opinion about war and very passionate about love. All of his operas (Both Serious and Comic) touch one or both topics at the same time to make a statement that the Love is far more important than Life. Today, as the US celebrates the fallen, I would like to underline the love spilled by th...

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The Magic of Writing a Book!

A general guideline I was taught since a very early age goes about those lines: it is important to remember to put 100% of your efforts, never giving up but most importantly have the wisdom to know when to be patient and when to press hard. Anyone can write a book just the same way anyone can learn how to make music or drive a car. The important pa...

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When Opera and Guitar Collide, this beautiful thing happens

Alfredo Kraus Auditorium hosts the ninth edition of the traditional cycle Masters Guitar, a must for lovers of the six strings to be held on 17, 18 and 19 November appointment. This new installment of the meeting will bring together a selection of artists who will delight the audience: the virtuoso ingeniense Jose Maria Ramirez Martin; Touché eclec...

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Placido keeps at it like he always did!

Last October, Placido Domingo renewed his contract as the General Director of the LA Opera (Los Angeles) through the end of the 21-22 Season. Domingo has always been a substantial person in the administration of LA Opera since it's opening in1986 with a performance of Verdi's Otello that featured the singer as the title role. Domingo primarily serv...

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