Hood River: Where Simple Dreams become the most Alluring Reality


​Performing in Oregon is one of my favorite things to do. However, i must confess that Hood River is by far my dreamland. The truth is that this place has pretty much everything I am looking for in a city. On the large scheme, Hood River is small but only 1 hr away from an international Air Port. It's clean, simple, pretty and quite relaxing. This however does not mean that there is nothing to do in this little paradise in northern Oregon. 

This is where the fun begins because it has to do with my dreams and my passions!

Primarily, the people in Hood River are gorgeous at every level. Not to be superfluous but looks do matter. However, when you get to meet them, they are astonishing individuals: Winemakers, Cyclists, Musicians, Chocolate makers, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Woodcraft Artists, Magazine Owners, Yoga Masters. The list goes on and I could talk about it forever. The punch line is that they are all downtown with a smile on their face making magic happen.

At my professional level, I would say that I am amazed. As a Classical Guitar Player, I had the chance of performing in 9 places in only 4 days and still there were a million more locations I had not the privilege to be in. As a singer, the location is perfect since I am close to three Opera Cities where shows have demands for my voice. This is by far a great realization but this city has really lit my performer mindset and brought it up to the next level.

Finally, the outdoors: Cycling of course is a given for me. Nevertheless there is water and snow all year round. If I could recommend one place to visit is this fantastic little town on the south side of the Columbia River. 

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