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Humboldt County in California has a reputation for many things. Yes, up here, there's redwoods and there's ocean. And yes, I must say that those two are quite charming (expecially for an outdoors fanatic like I am). However, if you know anything about me, I will say the very opposite of what is popular and mainstream. Why should you come to Humboldt at all? The simple answer is this little (yet cozy) tasting room in downtown Trinidad.

Moonstone Crossing Winery is a family owned fine tasting room that has been in business for over a decade and is making gold medal wines! Donald Bremm and Sharon Hanks are the rockstars of the location and will make sure to deliver a magnificent wine tasting experience. If you are interested in their wines, the owners open their doors Wednesday thru Sundays from noon to 6pm. Please visit their website for more information.

I was invited to play for a small but refined croud. I can tell you that Donald Bremm can make two things very well: Wines, and Friends. I assure you that the quality of wines is superb. On the other side, the quality of people that is attrated to this tasting rooms speaks volumes about Don and his liquid creations. During my gigs at Moonstone, Don was generous enough to share with me several splashes (they were more than just splashes) of his wines. It was very hard to pick three favorites because all of them excell in aromas and flavors.  However, I made my devision and here's my take on the best wines they serve:

  1. ​The Gold Medal Sangiovese.
  2. The 2009 Dulcinea (Tempranillo)
  3. The 2014 Moonbeam Illusion (Gernache & Syrah)
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