How can your coffee make you absolutely bulletproof?


Coffee is the elixir that keeps the world turning every day. Historically, this amazing beverage has been around for about one thousand years but the 20th century is responsible for bringing the product to our daily life. The short story is that in between 1907 and 1936, coffee production from Adis Abeba skyrocketed from 500,000lbs to 18,000,000lbs! That's what coffee does by nature! This same process happens in your energy production in the early morning. In my personal experience, there are 3 stages in a morning coffee ceremony:

  1. ​Making the Coffee - Ideally you will have to grind your coffe. During this stage, your internal engine is in a regular idle. Introducing coffee aromas however trigger alertness plus it starts preparing your system to bring in some liquid energy.
  2. Drinking the Coffee - This stage provides immediate satsifaction. The release of dopamine in your brain makes has an effect of accepting the moment. In other words, coffe relaxes you and prepares you to endure storms the day may bring.
  3. Turning on the Engine - Once the coffee is finished, you will start experiencing the real effects. As cafeine gets pumped into the bloodstream, you will start moving forward, faster and stronger. Yes, Coffee is indeed magical.

I document my coffee intake via Instagram of course... Obviously, Coffee is a big part of my lifestyle and my career as a musician. So here's a little sneak peak.​

But wait... isn't that enough?

In the past couple of decades, people like Tim Ferriss have been experimenting with coffee and found ways to squeeze in some pretty interesting additives to coffee. The vegan (anti-dairy) movement started the drill by trying to substitute real milk with almond, soy, and other types of vegetable oils. Their original objective was to be more humane. However the results were astonishing because they were accidentally inlcuding healthier fats into their bodies. Studies came in with evidence and data supporting the claims and the race to make a better mornig fix began.

​Every journey begins with one small step:

Today the industry has blown out of proportion with hundreds of companies trying to make coffee the ultimate productivity experience. However, one of the most impressive ones is Bulletproof Coffee. This is far from a commercial, but to be real, their name rocks. The concept of making you bulletproof by drinking coffee is entertaining because it makes you feel that you can have the amazingness of coffee plus you add some healthy fats that will lube and boost your brain activity. What do I do? I keep it as italian as it gets... but if I need a boost, I do take those additives. They are tasty, healthy, and really help me deliver productivity & quality. 

Therefore, if you want to be in touch with people like Tim Ferriss, increase your productivity, and drink coffee like a boss, JOIN THE TEAM! There's tons of perks for a small easy step.

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