How to maximize your productivity without multitasking


Technology is a blessing and a curse. We are constantly surrounded by an infinite number of manmade things that invade our space and our time. To be sincere, we have all bought into the magic word of connectivity. It is common knowledge that the internet is a double edge sword just like any kind of communication technology. Because of our desire to be connected with family and friends, we have chosen innumerable products (tangible and intangible) to maximize our possibilities. The general trend is to be constantly checking notifications and waiting for things to happen on the outside. The problem is that the number of decisions we make as we check those notifications end up stifling the number of decisions to be able to be productive. In other words, we exhaust ourselves by trying to make decisions on the spot.

In my own experience, I would say that the most effective way to maximize productivity is to make a list of simple, fast, and habitual tasks. If you have an automated way to get reminders about those tasks, then you have no option but to execute without having to make decisions. Executing is far more easy than making a decision when you know drill. Most of the time, the simpler the task, the more we can say that we are familiar with the drill and the expected results. Therefore, breaking down new habits to its most simple components is very important to keep the tasks within reasonable minutes for execution.

A Redundant Example!

​Here's an example of something I am experiencing myself. Blogging and Writing is not something in my comfort zone. As you know, I am writing a book because it is important for my Business and part of my strategy requires me to blog. From my perspective, thinking about writing a blog is very stressful. But the small elements of blogging are second nature. This is how I break down the task:

  1. Choosing a Topic
  2. Choosing a Title
  3. Choosing 3-5 images
  4. Write 3-5 paragraphs
  5. Final SEO tasks
  6. Publishing, Check Email Campaign Automation, Blast through Social Media

But what about Multitasking?

When a task is short, simple and repetitive, then multitasking is completely eliminated. The truth is that when I am blogging, I personally need to filter thoughts away and allow my brain to breathe. Therefore, I might squeeze in a text, brew an espresso, or listen to a song to allow my thoughts to flow and regenerate. In other words, I fill up my "resting time" with other productive elements that do not get in the way of the main objective at the time. The best part of this is that other tasks get completed and my time is freed up. 

Nevertheless, we are humans and our brains will be constantly thinking and getting distracted. For this reason, we need to make sure we declutter our brain from the constant input of pointless information we get from the world surrounding us. After a 3 or 4 days of high-productivity, I must confess that I need a full day of complete disconnection from those amazing habits. In other words, I am suggesting you to keep a very tight leash on your clock when you work but give your self a lot of rope to play and live life with those who matter.

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