Playing everywhere! But the most rewarding gigs are Wineries!


As a touring musician, my favorite route is the I-5 Corridor that stretches from Bellingham, WA to San Diego, CA. Even though I have not done a complete run through the entire corridor in one sitting, I have been in all the places and cities that interest me the most. In my tours, I have played in weddings, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, auditoriums... the list is amazing!

Nevertheless... Wineries are by far my favorite because they can host any kind of event they desire. Weddings, Dinners, Concerts, Parties, and more can be done at wineries. The magic is that the wineries are constantly attracting people with innumerable interests to their locations. Some people I met, were touring wineries to taste wine and purchase varied cases of wines. Some were graduating from college. Some were fanatics of the particular winery. Some were lost and found themselves captivated by the location. 

The truth is that wineries are magical places and the people that you will find there will always be in their best mood ever. This is why I am absolutely in love with the wineries I have been playing at. Since they have all become friends, I would like you to take some time and pay a visit to one of them if you ever happen to be in one of those cities!

Sarver Winery - Eugene, OR

AniChe Cellars - Hood River, OR

South Stage Cellars - Jacksonville, OR

Vintage Wine Bar - Redding, CA

Enoteca Tasting Room - Ashland, OR

Silvan Ridge Winery - Eugene, OR

Post Cover photo courtesy of Erin Sarver at Sarver Winery

Video courtesy of Xplore Films at Silvan Ridge Winery

Live at Enoteca in Ashland, OR.

Live at South Stage Cellars in Jacksonville, OR

Networking at Matson Vineyards (Redding, CA)

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