Left-handed, Upside Down & Top of the world


​Do I really need to introduce Jimi Hendrix to any of you? What is the right way to show respect without getting anyone upset for not saying all the things that need to be said or saying too many things? It would be impossible to satisfy everyone with a brief memorial blog post about one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. This is why I will keep it even shorter! The truth is that this man revolutionized the history of music and to be honest, had a great impact in my approach to music. My early guitar tunes back in 2001 included both "All along the watchtower","Cocaine" and "Voodoo Child" as part of my daily music practice and learning how to solo next to this beast was a lot of fun! This is what Music Legacy makes you feel like. Jimi Hendrix transcended time and for a bunch of years spoke directly to my heart. Today we miss you and we remember you all across the world. 

Keep on playing as even the heavens shed some tears for you today! We miss you even many of us never met you.

James Marshall Hendrix -  Nov 27, 1942 - Sept 18, 1970 (27 Club)

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