The best way to FengShui your music


The art of Feng Shui is a way to physically organize your home for the sake of generating good fortune at every level. Even though many believe that Feng Shui is only for monetary gains, the truth is that it has a positive impact in our four realms: body, emotions, mindset, and spirit. Thus, we can start to asume that Feng Shui can be used for everything... INCLUDING YOUR MUSIC!

If you think about it, Music is an audible (physical) manifestation of the spirit through intelligence and emotions. If you would like to Feng Shui your music, the first step is to acknowledge that there is a process to achieve this and it will take time for it to show results. So lets organize some of the work and start making progress. 

The best way to fengshui your music is by applying basic principles and realizing what works and what doesn't through trial and error. FengShui rules apply for everything. 

The Instrument and its surroundings 

Consider your instrument to be like your body. Maintaining the instrument is essential for it to be at its best. This is nothing new but the difference should be the intention. Think of it like food for your body. There is a big difference between simply eating versus enjoying your food. Thus, anything that can make you enjoy the process of taking care of the instrument needs to be tried to see what results it gives.

Now... do you have to buy a lucky cat for your instrument case or your practice room? Well... not really... the truth is that I can not tell you what is right or wrong. You should seek for yourself your answers and find what works and what doesn't. You can start by considering gemstones, colors, anything that has a functional direct impact in your connection to your instrument, your practice room, and your concert location.

Why are you a Musician?

​This is a very important question for your personal introspection and no answer is wrong. This answer is for you to clarify the nature of your behaviors and decisions. If you are a musician, everything that you do should be in harmony with your spiritual essence. That does not mean that you cannot have another profession or passion if you must. However, it means that everything you do should bring you one step closer to reveal your spiritual nature as a musician. 

 Emotions and Intelligence

Once you have gathered all the info you need about Feng Shui, you have to be smart about it and follow your instinct. The truth is that balance is quite personal and one cannot say that one approach fits all. However, you should notice several positive changes in your music. Feng Shui should allow you to feel fulfilled, at ease, happy, harmonious, balanced, healthier, focused... 

If that is what you seek, then I would urge you to dive into FengShui ASAP and start making the changes you need!

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